How To Enjoy Växjö During Winter

Top 5 in Växjö

Many people whom I have encountered on my travels seem to believe that winter in the North is only about cold, darkness and more cold. Yes, it is cold but you can make your own woollen socks, gloves, hats and what not to keep warm. And if you’re not up for making them yourself you can always buy from Made By Magie :)

Winter is a time for introspection and rest. Especially November, and then in December it is starting to change. We are preparing for something: the light to return! This happens on the winter solstice 21st of December (for the Northern hemisphere). All of December is like a path of light to remind us that it will soon change. In the meantime, there is so much around us to enjoy! Get-togethers and happenings are things Swedes are good at during winter: get warm together by sharing smiles and songs!

I made this lis for all of you who thought winter (and Växjö in particular) was all about drinking alcohol to get warm. And, for those of you who want some winter inspiration of course! Here are some of the things I enjoy during winter in Vtown.


1.    Let’s start on December 1st with the Xmas market at Kulturparken Småland. This market is huge, and where you are guaranteed to find innovative Xmas gifts and get inspired enough for a month! Attending this event also means that you support the art of handicraft and young artists in their work, since the design programme from Uni sells their art at the market. Oh, plus the fact that you can muse around the museum for hours, trying to find your way around (out)! Continue the afternoon with the market on the street Storgatan, called Julskyltningen.


2.  On a sunny, preferably cold instead of wet, day I like to walk by one of Växjö’s many lakes. Here, I’m suggesting Bokhultet since it’s close enough to town but far away enough to feel like the countryside. Town noises don’t reach here. The sunrays and bird singing do though. Take a break and breathe in the forest. Also, bring hot tea or cacao with warming spices

Light decoration created by Mother Earth

3. During all of December you are most likely to find me at Veda Yoga, where there is always something going on in terms of yoga-and-mantra workshops, donation classes on Friday mornings and my personal favorite (which has become a tradition when I’m in Sweden): Xmas yoga.


4.  Maybe you’re not into religion and it doesn’t really matter because you are still welcome to enjoy the free concerts in church. Domkyrkan in town arranges heaps of concerts during December, and yes they are based on songs from the suppressing patriarchal religion named Christianity. However, the music, the warmth and togetherness through good vibrations from the singing are still sending out love. And love is all you need!

5. This is something I’d like to encourage you to do whenever and wherever you are: to look up and see the details around you! See the beauty in your hometown, notice life’s lovely details both those created by Mother Nature and those put there by human hand. Like the glass art at Sandgärdsgatan for instance. Bored much? Stroll down that street and give the artwork an extra look, as a pause between your fikas (coffee).

So, get out of your glögg-gatherings people and enjoy the snow, the light decorations, the markets and the music! Please share with me what you enjoy with winter in the comments below!


We are all one

We are all love



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