Practicing How To Stay Healthy on The Road

I’ve been on the road since 5 am (it is now 11.25 am Swedish time). I still have a long way to go and many hours more in the air. I am trying to follow my own advice about staying healthy while traveling and (as suspected) it hasn’t been as easy as it might seem. However, I’ve managed to stay away from temptations like coffee and snacks ;) At CPH (Kastrup, Copenhagen airport) I had a sandwich (due to lack of time trying to find oat meal) and chamomile tea. Chamomile is great for relaxation and for the stomach so I was happy finding that! Needless to say, the breakfast we got on our way to London was awful. I had two sips of black tea, which is not ideal, and simply ignored the piece of white dough put in front of me. 

I am now at a café in Heathrow Terminal 5, waiting for my connection flight to Chicago. After having asked around for mint or peppermint tea and non-sparkling water in a few places, I eventually found a good spot! Since I want my stomach to keep doing its job, I was in the lookout for either ginger or mint. I’m extra happy to tell you that the tea is organic and I got to pay with dollars (tried Danish crowns but no go)!

It’s something about the UK, isn’t it? I mean, natural hand lotion for free in the airport toilet, organic and fair trade drinks and super friendly staff within most service areas.  

Not to mention the amazing view over London Eye and Big Ben as we flew in. Got me thinking about Sherlock. Of course.

When meeting friendly people in busy work areas all over the world, I think about Sweden. How come it’s not the same? Could it be because we don’t have the tipping culture? What do you guys think?

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