How To Travel Cheap in Sweden

Wahe Guru! Magical Sun and Sky. Småland, Sweden.

This is the story of me and my best friend backpacking from the south of Sweden to the very north with only a few dollars (or Swedish crowns rather) in our pockets, a tent and a couple yoga mats. The Swedish summer tour of 2014 is about following life's flow to see where it takes us, visiting old friends, making new, find work as we go and spend more love than money. Every week, we will be posting a short update about where we are, how we got there and where we're heading next (if we know that is).

The first part of our story starts about 10 km outside of Växjö, in the middle of the magical forest of Småland; Hemmesjö. During three days we partook in Project Sol's Transformation Yoga Camp, which meant Morning Meditation (pooja) at 6am, followed by either vinyasa flow with Yoga By Magie or kundalini yoga, delicious breakfast, meditation practices, lunch and more yoga in the afternoon. Every evening was spent chanting mantras together. The vegetarian and vegan food was created collectively, usually with several ingredients from what the woods and garden offered. We had a beautiful group, creating strong Connections, both new and old. Me and Ola stayed two more days to work in the garden and to enjoy the spectacular summer heat and this sacred space. Much love and gratitude to Manereia and Project Sol for sharing the magic! Below you'll find a video picturing The beauty of the Swedish countryside a late afternoon in July. Cows are walking back home to the barn after a long day on the field. The farmer is yelling, telling them to move but the cows are walking in their own pace...(the first minute is in Swedish, then I shift to English ;) )

We got a ride out to Hemmesjö and from there we got a ride to Värnamo to be able to pick up a freerider car. That is to say, we are now driving a rental car back to the store in Stockholm for free and we'll see where we'll go from there. At the yoga camp we had a work exchange for the camp and accommodation. As previously stated, one of the goals with this trip is to spend a minimum amount on transportation, showing that it is possible to travel at a low cost even in an expensive country as Sweden. Thus, my first tip:

1. Membership in hertz freerider gives you the opportunity to drive rental cars back to the respective stores for free. Awesome transportation if you are flexible in time and place.

Keep following our adventures and share your summer stories in the comments below!

Love and Light


Växjö, Småland, Sweden. Sunset over the fields.