Snake Medicine

As I was jumping between rocks, holes and mud pools with my bike this morning, on my way from Yoga, a beautiful long Green Vine Snake ( Oxybelis fulgidus ) showed up in front of me on the dirt road! 

I managed to snap a few shots of this magnificent creature- one of Costa Rica's (and Central America's) most common snakes. I have met her before both inside the house, dancing on the wall and over my shoes, and out in the green bushes but yet to get a picture. The Green Vine Snake is about 2 cm thick and can get up to 2 meters long! Fun fact: the tongue is green too :) And no, its venom has little or no effect on humans. Read more

The Snake symbolises the Feminine, rebirth, transformation, life force and primal energy. In  many cultures it represents the Source of Life, like Yoga which describes our primal energy as a sleeping Kundalini Snake. If the totem Snake shows up in your life it might signify change, big transitions, and/or healing opportunities. One of my favourite animal medicines to work with! And I'm grateful for every meeting I get, giving me signs and signals about coming transitions and manifestations. 

Aho great mother snake!