Yup, it is true. I am now in the country we love to hate and hate to love: USA.

This also means that I'm climbing the country-ladder with 27 countries on my list just a few weeks before I turn 27!  Bazinga!

30 countries before 30

means that I and some of my friends are trying to visit 30 countries before we turn 30. It seems doable.

Some of mine are listed in the Categories to the right --> 

3 more countries in 3 years, I'm thinking about keeping it simple for the last ones.

Anyone wanna contribute with their list?

Edit: obviously this is just a fun game. Traveling is not about collecting countries on a list.


It me took a while to get here from Costa Rica and I went through a lot of airports:

I found Art in Atlanta in terms of Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix

Sunset in Arizona

And so I landed in the state where you can gamble your life away: Nevada.

Following my heart

Pura Vida