San Francisco in Two Days

My favorite type of traveling these days is the visit friends-kind. A few years ago, I slowly started leaving the traditional way of backpacker traveling. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still always on a low budget and I've learnt heaps of stuff I still bring with me everywhere I go. That subject requires a separate post though.

I truly enjoy reading up on a country, learning its history and its most interesting geographical spots and investigate its art scene. Sometimes, however, it is tiring. When visiting friends they take you around and show you their favorite places in their (current) hometown, they know where to go and how to get there and usually I don’t even bother to google the place. Call me lazy, but I like just letting go of everything for a while. The absolute best part though, is of course to get to spend time with my beloved friends and at the same time see yet new parts of the world. So, that is what brought me to San Francisco for a couple days; to visit my dear sister and friend Lucy. Two days isn’t a long time and if you’re anything like me (and most of my friends haha) food is the main attraction on a go-visit-friend-trip. San Francisco is an ideal place for foodjunkies such as myself, besides being some kind of hippie haven (which obviously means that you’ll be most likely to find me in the bay area a couple more times)!

I’ve posted all of the delicious food we had on instagram so go there to check it out! What I want to share with you travelers is the Food Market in the Ferry Building- which is a must visit when in SF! There was an entire shop with different kinds of mushrooms for instance. And the gluten free Mariposa bakery. And all sorts of organic, vegan, vegetarian, whole food, veggies and locally produced food. I also had my very first Vietnamese food; lemongrass tofu and veggies and it is now my favorite Asian dish so far.

Another must-see is the Haight-Ashbury street that became famous during the 60’s and the bohemian hippie era. Simply because a lot of hippies moved there due to cheap accommodation. Today, the area is filled with lovely stores such as vintage, smoke shops, herb shops, thrift stores, crystal shops and tie-dyed clothing. Needless to say, I love it!

Tie-dye store Haight-Ashbury

Tie-dye store Haight-Ashbury



Oh and for those who wonder: there are actually buses and they're cheap! So I simply took the bus Reno-San Francisco.

Back in Reno now, snow in the mountains and -2 degrees Celsius. Next week I’m heading to Costa Rica and probably warmer weather.  

What stories do you wanna hear from my travels? =) Please contribute in the comments below this post! 

Love & Light


Yup, it is true. I am now in the country we love to hate and hate to love: USA.

This also means that I'm climbing the country-ladder with 27 countries on my list just a few weeks before I turn 27!  Bazinga!

30 countries before 30

means that I and some of my friends are trying to visit 30 countries before we turn 30. It seems doable.

Some of mine are listed in the Categories to the right --> 

3 more countries in 3 years, I'm thinking about keeping it simple for the last ones.

Anyone wanna contribute with their list?

Edit: obviously this is just a fun game. Traveling is not about collecting countries on a list.


It me took a while to get here from Costa Rica and I went through a lot of airports:

I found Art in Atlanta in terms of Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix

Sunset in Arizona

And so I landed in the state where you can gamble your life away: Nevada.

Following my heart

Pura Vida