Life in the Caribbean

Much has happened and still nothing has moved forward. Time is a mysterious thing and the Caribbean seems to have its very own version.

I started my day with Forrest Yoga and continued with pipa (coconut water) and banana pancakes for brunch, before getting comfortable on the porch. Today I was trying to get some work done while watching the pouring rain. Indeed, it was a productive day. Most days aren’t like that. They seem to rain away somewhere between brunch and the afternoon darkness.


Working in the Caribbean sounds romantic and beautiful, but life treats you the same way no matter where you are. We still have to find a way to make friends with time and work schedule and we still have to remember to nourish our relationships with the self and with others. It’s the same but different. Time here is slow and blurry. It is easy to forget that days have names and that things have to be done if we want change and development.


You struggle with snow that never wants to leave. We struggle with rain during dry season. Climate change.


Yes, we have fruits growing in the garden and some of the most beautiful beaches around. We also have various bugs eating our food if we leave it out too long, boa constrictors that eat puppies, scorpions that like to come inside when it’s raining and a humidity that makes everything you own mouldy.


Boa constrictor 

The touristy high season makes us poor and occupies the houses. We have struggled to find a place to stay. February gave most people in the village a bad bacterium that made us sick for weeks. I went camping in the mountains and got sick again.


Punta Uva

March is here and so is the fire. We are no longer sick and we have moved into a house we like. Mariella is teaching Afropowerdance and Core at some of the various yoga places around. I have started my communication project for my internship with Hidden Garden. We argue about the same things as we did a year (or 20) ago but we are happy to have each other.



Today I had cottage cheese and pesto, a luxury so rare that it was my first time since I moved here. While writing this, Spiderman in Spanish is on tv and I have a humongous craving for snus. I don’t miss Sweden, but some things are beautiful. Enjoy them.


Lingonberries jam

Pura Vida! 


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