Work Weekend in San José

Every time I visit the capital of Costa Rica I have a list of things I need to get done and buy and people to visit. It is busy, but I like it! This last time, I went to buy yarn for Made By Magie’s famous Yoga Socks and material for the MBM jewelry. Thanks to having done some research on where to shop for these rather specific things during my first year in Costa I crossed of the list fairly fast and had time to visit a friend in Ciudad Colon for a cooking gathering Friday night! In addition to bulk up with even more stuff to carry around (hrm), I was gonna try selling some products at the organic market Feria Verde where my friend sells his raw food. This is the place where you find vegan ice cream, raw food, the coming week's veggies, handicrafts, incense, and organic and local everything. In addition, it is a good hang out with amazing people and a tranquil oasis in down town San Jose.

Vegan CocoChoco ice cream YUM! At Feria Verde de Aranjuéz, San José Costa Rica

Vegan CocoChoco ice cream YUM! At Feria Verde de Aranjuéz, San José Costa Rica

From 7 am to 1 pm Saturday I was eating yumminess, catching up with friends, meeting new ones, selling some tinctures and buying a great deal of good-to-have things.

As I’ve mentioned before, Saturday is when people in San Jose hang out in the parks all day, doing all kinds of fun stuff together. Needless to say, we went straight from the market to chill in Parque Morazan where we listened to bongo drums and watched some kind of silent operetta.

Barrio Escalante, Feria Verde

Barrio Escalante, Feria Verde

Hula-hoops is the new thing here, are they popular in Sweden and other places too?

Parque Morazán, San José Costa Rica. Enamorate de tu ciudad.

How Lonely Planet can claim this city to be grey, dirty and boring is to me a great mystery. Backpackers are happy to sign their statement and on their website LP has a list over the world’s worst cities, where San José comes as number 10. Why? 

By singing, dancing and playing music together, your heart frequencies become the same and, thus, you are spreading good vibrations to the world where they bounce on to other people, sharing the love. Too me, that's the opposite of grey and boring!

What is your least favorite city?

Finding Fire in the Cold

The third chakra is about doing. The yellow. The Fire. Do you want your dreams to come true? Then you need the fire in your belly to glow.

As it gets colder and darker outside here in the Northern hemisphere, I find it harder to maintain a strong fire within. Makes sense really; rain is putting the fire out. The Vata weather is trying to break down the sunny heat, but we want to keep balance.

So, at the same time as we want to cuddle up inside and maybe do some traveling within, we need to make sure that the fire won’t go out- or it’ll be way too cold.

Some firey memories from this summer's yoga festival

As always, my yoga mat is my answer. On my mat I travel within and on my mat I find my fire. To clarify: the easiest way to get more fire is through the body. Do something physical. Personally, I enjoy (and many times find it easier) rolling out my mat together with others- sharing and spreading light through the darkness. Or, like this memory from a Swedish festival I attended this summer:

If you want more inspiration about doing check out my latest rebelle article!

This is a good time to get to that doing. On Sunday, November 3rd, we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse talking about renewal, rebirth and be your authentic self. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, do you want a change, or maybe just more fire? Now is the time.

How did you guys do with creativity? Are you experiencing that autumn months make you loose motivation and willpower? Contribute in the comments below :)

Love and light & Pura Vida


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Mi querida selva

at Banana Azul

 Instead of giving you another floating Yoga post, I thought you might appreciate a brief explanation of what I actually do here. Surely, some of you must wonder if all I do is yoga.


Service By Magie offers all kinds of content writing, editing and social media managing/marketing. And that is precisely what I am currently doing in the jungle, for a wellness center named Hidden Garden. The beauty of it all is that, in addition to my writing, I get to attend yoga classes, herbalism courses, take photos and network with likeminded around town.

post-yoga Fika at Caribbean with yogis Julie & Marc

I work a few hours a day: I write, have meetings, edit texts/photos etc. I also go to yoga every day and I meet amazing people from all over the world.

potluck at Cocles beach

Cocles beaach

My days have routines and look the same but are yet so different. On Tuesdays we go to Tasty Waves for live music and tacos and on Fridays we go across the street to dance to African Caribbean drumming. Saturday mornings, we visit the farmers’ market to buy local and organic food for the week and, if it’s sunny I might stop by the beach. However, most weekends I spend a few hours working as well. I don’t mind. I love my job, and the jungle.

(We also study by the pool)

This last Friday, I caught another bug and have been in bed since. No fever this time, but a troubling stomach and joint ache. That’s what to expect from the jungle life, I guess. Especially in a small place like Puerto Viejo, where people constantly come and go: bringing all kinds of diseases. “It’s like in a kindergarten”, my friend said.

Our house and patio

Mariella and I rent a small house with great location. After all the troubles we had, we finally found a place with walls and a roof! We even have a beautiful garden, with a little porch where we can sit and work, while watching the colorful frogs and the hummingbirds. The gardener, Jacinto from Nicaragua, takes good care of us and brings us fresh fruit almost every day.


Despite the humidity and various social problems around, I meant what I said about hanging my hat here. The Caribbean is a lovely place and I hope you get to experience it one day.

View over Puerto & Cocles

Pura Vida