Travel the worlds, within and without

With Spring and I arriving about the same time in Sweden, there’s been some inside journeying going on for a couple months. One of my favorite ways to go deep within is with the guidance from the Medicine Drum. As summer grows, I follow and continue my journeys within and without, sharing my experiences with you in various places in Sweden

Apple Tree in Bloom

Apple Tree in Bloom

The journeys we make in the physical world, without and outside, do affect our inside. All the time, we hear and read stories about backpackers, travellers, globetrotters and nomads and how they “came back changed” or simply stay on the road, “changed”. This is why we find it interesting, why the travellers and their blogs fascinate us: because these people don’t fear change. And even if they did before they started their journey, they will soon become aware that change is inevitable and fear is an illusion. On the road you cannot hide from change- rather you seek it, moving from place to place. And you cannot allow fear to come into your mindset; there is simply no room for fear when you are stranded in the countryside in Bolivia without cash, a bank, phone or Internet. You need to keep a clear and grounded mind so that you can focus on the Now, the next move. Forward. Change. Flow.

Flow with the tidal changes. Flow with the signs of the road.

And precisely like that we can use the experience and knowledge of travelling the globe to journey our inner worlds. Travel within. Seek change within yourself. Explore. Investigate. Continue forward. Sometimes we do need a physical change of environment to get that push forward, to be able to take the road with all the signs we’ve been seeing for so long yet not been able to walk. And sometimes we need to meet that one inspiring, hippie-haired nomad to give us that push forward just by greeting us with their full Love.

I believe some of us have an innate urge to travel. We are the ones who stay with the nomadic lifestyle one way or another. Still, I believe that the theme, form, purpose and most of all intention with the journeys change along the way. At least I hope so, and I can only speak for myself when I say they do. Yes, traveling across the globe fed my desperate need for change and constant urge for “going somewhere”, moving forward. I craved inspiration from new sceneries, get to know different cultures and meet all aspects of Mother Earth’s beauty. I’m still hungry but I don’t crave anymore. My journeys without led and lead me deeper within. As I began to travel deeper within, I saw and started to understand Change even more; how I can maintain a clear and grounded mind and body so that I can focus on the Now and my next move. Forward. Change. Flow.

Flow with the tidal changes within. Flow and follow the signs held up for me by every corner of frustration.

The journeys we make in the physical world, without and outside, do affect our inside; and from within comes the major changes. The journeys we make inside ourselves, thus, affect our outside and the physical world. And this is how you make a true change in your world and the one around you.  

By traveling the world without, you will become friends with Change and no longer know fear. You don’t have to go far: have a look around you right now. Explore your surroundings, catch a train to the ocean or visit the friend who lives in the forest. Or go even closer: Travel the world within to become friends with Change and say goodbye to fear.

 Ask yourself: What is my relationship with Change?

As the magical bloom of the Apple tree, so too shall we open to our expansion and embrace Change.