Sacred Feminine Ceremonies and Journeys

The following journeys aim to ground and heal the body, mind and soul. They invite you to come dance with your Shakti Power, to stand face to face with your Sacred Feminine, your darkness and deep healing abilities. Through your commitment and trust, they offer you a chance to heal your relations to Mother Earth and the Sacred Feminine inside and around you (regardless of your body’s gender). The journeys offer a safe space for you to Root into the dark earth and thereby Rise higher into the Light Being that you are. 

First when we know how to see in the dark we know how to fully see the true light. ~Sofia-Magdalena Chandrakaí

We hold space together as we join in individual journeys where I intuitively guide us based in the framework of the Mexica Moon Dance tradition and Curanderismo. 

Ceremonies/Journeys are offered as part of festivals, retreats or other healing journeys, as well as separate ceremonies in various places around the world. I enjoy being invited and to share this work, so if you have or know of a space where you would like to explore any of these journeys, please contact me. I am usually found in a red wooden house in the south of Sweden or in the jungles of Costa Rica. 

Ometeotl /Magdalena Etzalitzin  

Mexica Temascal/Sweat lodge

I have been blessed by my teachers to share the Mexica sweat lodge. The sweat lodge or temazcal is a ceremony or ritual that is part of many Native American as well as Latin American traditions. The healing process aims at working therapeutically on the physical body, to spiritually purify, and to meet, heal and cleanse fears and negative aspects of the mind. Through this ceremony, we enter the womb of Mother Earth to remember where we once came from, to remove ignorance and, thus, to remember who we truly are. We will be re-birthed. It is a ceremony that is profound, healing and nourishing. Read more about the temascal 

Full Moon Ceremony

We tune in to the energies of Grandmother Moon and allow our spirit guides to lead us into the healing work we need to do for ourselves and for Mother Earth. The ceremony may include, but is not limited to, traditional and shamanic healing techniques such as Sacred Movements, Drum Journey, Sound Healing, Journeying, Storytelling, Satsang/Sharing, Talking Stick, Journaling, Prayer work, Smudging, Sacred Pipe ceremony and Sweat lodge/Temascal. 

Mexica Pipe Ceremony

We pray and meditate with the Obsidian peace pipe from the Mexica Moondance tradition. I am a carrier of the Obsidian Moon Dance pipe and have completed the obligatory first 4 years to achieve this responsibility. 

Womb Yoga Ceremony

A loving and healing circle for women and babies only. We journey through deep rest (yoga nidra and sound journey) and gentle, flowing movements to send love to our hearts, womb and Mother Earth. We connect with our Yoni Shakti (womb power) to ground, nourish, heal and re-establish relationship with our true selves. Other healing tools that might be used are sharing circle, sacred songs and drum journey. Based in Shamanic practices and Womb Yoga, founded by my teacher Uma Tuli-Dinsmore. 

Yin, Sound and Story

Yin Yoga is grounding and deeply relaxing through poses where we lay or sit on the mat for several minutes. We allow the paus of movement work in the fascia to efficiently reduce stress and sleeping problems. The journey offers the possibility of going deep into your dark feminine energy, get to know the breath and thereby disengage energy blockages/traumas/emotional tension etc. The journey takes us up into the light in our hearts with the help of the Shamanic Drum, Sacred Songs and Storytelling. Other Shamanic tools might be used, such as traditional instruments and Smudge. Bring warm socks, blankets and meditation pillows. Women and men are welcome! 

Goddess Retreats and Women Circles

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Please note that ceremonies take the time that is needed for us to do our work. As a general average, expect 2-3 hours. Energy exchange is agreed upon beforehand.