Sofia-Magdalena (Etzalitzin) Chandrakaí 

After many years of travelling the globe, I now mainly divide my time between my two home bases: Småland, Sweden and Caribbean, Costa Rica. Academic studies in Languages, Cultures and Communications directed me back to Latin America and back to the roots of my life’s mission. I lived in Costa Rica for nearly two years, studying closely with my teachers and learned to accept the initiation of walking the path that was once chosen for me and that I heard but couldn’t understand as a child: the Shamanic Path. After two years in Costa Rica, I received a strong message to bring the medicine and ancient wisdoms from the East and the West back to the people in the North, where I was born: Sweden.  With the respect of my tradition- the Moon Dance in the Mexica tradition-, the ancient wisdoms of Yoga, and with deep gratitude and respect of the teachings of my maestros and abuelas, I share my interpretations of these sacred wisdoms.

I am the Creative Communicator. I travel between countries, worlds and dimensions to transmit messages between humans, and between humans and the worlds. I work as the bridge of communication to deliver Love Vibrations and messages from Great Spirit and Mother Earth to all light beings and the world we live in. I journey for you or guide you through your journey towards yourself through Sound & Vibrations, Breath Work, Sacred Movements, Storytelling, Writing and Dialogue.

Service By Magie is the result of creativity and my many ways of communicating with, through and between worlds:

a hub of creative communication

It is a space for us all to heal and ground the energy we awaken in the body so that we can shine our own light and share the love with all life and beings around us. I am brutally honest and I always tell you the uncomfortable truth. But you know what? That is precisely why you come to see me, and if you dare to truly listen and receive you will hear, see, feel and experience more clearly. You will meet the Blissful Truth within you.  

I walk the Shamanic Path. I am devoted to the ultimate teacher; Mother Earth, and with gratitude and humility I study close to her and her guides in this world and others. I give thanks to my birth mother and first teacher Ewa-Lena, my father Claes-Eric as well as my biological grandmother Edna for bringing me to this world. Thank you also to Herbalist & Temascalera Rachel Thomas, Abuela Xochiquetzal, Abuela Itzpapalotl, Taita/Ayahuascero Lucho y Mercedes, Lakota Grandmother Mary Mullen and Grandfather Biff Mithoefer for your guidance, love and support. And a warm deep Thank You to my husband, son and family for always teaching me how to refine my being into pure love over and over.


Sofia-Magdalena (Etzalitzin) Chandrakaí, 

Spiritual and Transformational Leader