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 Instead of giving you another floating Yoga post, I thought you might appreciate a brief explanation of what I actually do here. Surely, some of you must wonder if all I do is yoga.


Service By Magie offers all kinds of content writing, editing and social media managing/marketing. And that is precisely what I am currently doing in the jungle, for a wellness center named Hidden Garden. The beauty of it all is that, in addition to my writing, I get to attend yoga classes, herbalism courses, take photos and network with likeminded around town.

post-yoga Fika at Caribbean with yogis Julie & Marc

I work a few hours a day: I write, have meetings, edit texts/photos etc. I also go to yoga every day and I meet amazing people from all over the world.

potluck at Cocles beach

Cocles beaach

My days have routines and look the same but are yet so different. On Tuesdays we go to Tasty Waves for live music and tacos and on Fridays we go across the street to dance to African Caribbean drumming. Saturday mornings, we visit the farmers’ market to buy local and organic food for the week and, if it’s sunny I might stop by the beach. However, most weekends I spend a few hours working as well. I don’t mind. I love my job, and the jungle.

(We also study by the pool)

This last Friday, I caught another bug and have been in bed since. No fever this time, but a troubling stomach and joint ache. That’s what to expect from the jungle life, I guess. Especially in a small place like Puerto Viejo, where people constantly come and go: bringing all kinds of diseases. “It’s like in a kindergarten”, my friend said.

Our house and patio

Mariella and I rent a small house with great location. After all the troubles we had, we finally found a place with walls and a roof! We even have a beautiful garden, with a little porch where we can sit and work, while watching the colorful frogs and the hummingbirds. The gardener, Jacinto from Nicaragua, takes good care of us and brings us fresh fruit almost every day.


Despite the humidity and various social problems around, I meant what I said about hanging my hat here. The Caribbean is a lovely place and I hope you get to experience it one day.

View over Puerto & Cocles

Pura Vida