Voice it

We shouldn't be afraid to talk about the energies we feel on earth right now, what we see happening around us.

By not talking about it, we deny it.

By not raising our voices, yet again we let them suppress us.

Again, patriarchy is trying to silent all of us. We ought to talk about our fears, acknowledge them and overcome them. We, the people need to raise our voices now. Since colonisation beginning, indigenous peoples have been silenced and we all feel this wound now. We feel the wounds of Mother Earth and her children, we carry the wounds of our ancestors in our DNA and collective memory.

People are suffering all over the world and we feel it in our bodies. Aching. Pain. Sadness. Darkness. We are all suffocating.

We need to be strong now, we need to stay in our hearts, and we need to stand above the heartless actions of politicians.

Change starts within. Be the change you wish to see. Be the voice you wish to hear.

Together we are many, together we are strong.

You know it, deep in your heart, that we are all one people.

We are all one. All is one. All is love.

The old world is about to fall and, yes, this require some pain just as any break through. Don't fight the change. Be it.

I ask you, what is one thing you can do to raise your voice?

What is one thing YOU can do to stand up for love and show that there is room for everybody?

In love and gratitude,

Magdalena Chandakai