What to do in Hong Kong for 2 days

For our trip to Asia, me and Johan decided to buy "loose flights". That is to say, we bought tickets from A to B using cheap airlines. To get to Hong Kong I went with Norwegian Copenhagen - London, met up with Johan and caught a plane London - Hong Kong.

Due to flight changes made by the airline, our time in Hong Kong was shortened to only two days. With that short of a time in a big city you need a good plan and heaps of energy (and great shoes!) if you want to see as much as possible of what the city has to offer. Naturally, I tried to organize some kind of schedule and, naturally, me and Johan had our differences and we didn't get to do everything but it all turned out great in the end. 

I enjoy walking in a big city, it makes you get to know it better. Or at least I believe so. Even with a good map some cities are difficult to understand, but Hong Kong has informative signs everywhere and should you wanna catch the metro that's fairly straight forward too (heaps of people tho). Thus, first thing to do: grab a city map to be able to plan your route together with the traveling guide. 

After a lot of walking and searching for buses: Fika break and more map reading.

We started off with The Peak (view point) to make sure to get several perspectives of the city.  And, yes, what you see is smog.

View Point: The Peak

Hong Kong view

We continued walking to several parks. Here: watching the count down to the Olympics

Watching Kung Fu show in Kowloon Park

The Harbour by day

The Harbour by night. Pretty windy 

Avenue of Stars. The light show 

The light show at the harbor is spectacular when it lights up the buildings, the sky and the water- all accompanied with music. Definitely something I recommend doing!   

We didn't get to see the big Buddha statue- it would've taken too much time. But we saw a great deal of the city's centre, parks and shopping before getting on the plane to The Philippines.   

To sum up what to do in Hong Kong for two days:

  • Get a good map so you can walk around town
  • Visit the city's view point The Peak
  • Visit the big parks, e.g. Kowloon Park
  • See the light show "Avenue of stars" in the harbor

In addition, these things are free to visit! :)


Have you been to Hong Kong? What did you do? What do you recommend? Contribute in the comments below :)