One Day in Malmö

The thing with big cities is that they might be difficult to get to know, especially if you’re only visiting for a couple of days. I like to put together One or Two days programs that offer a good chance to meet the soul of a city. Here is my attempt to do so for Sweden’s third largest city: Malmö.

Start your day early, so that you stroll the streets as the stores are starting their day. Empty streets during morning quietness are one of the secret beauties of City Life. Stroll around Möllan’s thrift store packed corners and look for hidden gems or alternative health shops. Continue to Astrid och Aporna, where you fill a basket with random organic and vegan goodies. No food planning, just pick the yummiest looking thing on the shelf to create a Vegan Smörgårdsbord feast later.

After spending time in a food store, lunch is probably on the agenda. Head west towards the Agnes street and lovely Café Agnes. This popular and Mother Nature friendly pearl serves creative meals and sublime Fika (pastries). Its location, interior and charming patio are all characteristics that define Malmö. After a filling lunch, and despite being stuffed, buy a vegan brownie to go. Just do it you won’t regret it!

Locate the central station and take a bus to its end stop. Find a yellow bus that says “Falsterbo” and pay with a bus card for a better deal. The ride is about an hour and shows you both ocean and big yellow rape field.

Walk over the sand dunes and let the turquoise ocean greet you. If you visit in spring or early summer: enjoy the stillness and gentle breeze. If it’s in July, try to find a spot for your towel in between German tourists. Bask in the sun until you remember the brownie you brought and decide to eat it while waves are stroking the shore.

Falsterbo Beach, Malmö, Sweden

Take the bus back and spend the night cooking your random groceries. Maybe it turns out as Swedish vegan tapas. Try to use all your ingredients as you create a recap of the day in the kitchen.

If you happen to try this on a Tuesday, you might as well end a perfect day with a beautiful Kirtan gathering at Yoga Kendra on Friisgatan. If you’re out on a Saturday, on the other hand, why not bring the food to take a boat ride along the river, accompanied by live music. 

Do you have any hidden secret places you want to share? Please comment below! :)

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