In the midst of Autumn Equinox 2016


Burning flames. Structures falling.  

All is coming apart, crashing around my feet.

The Illusion of the World, created by mankind, it melts to the ground.  

There's a new time now.  

Babylon is desperate, chasing the light they cannot see. Only flames and structures crashing all around.  

I stand in the rain of the sharp pieces that explode from the upheaval

of Illusion.  


Like bloodthirsty hyenas they lure in every corner, desperately trying to get a bite of  

the Light they cannot see.  

You know the secret, 

the Light is inside you and me!  

I stand tall in the rain of hurt and sadness, I feel my light anchored in the ground. 

Transformation could be nasty,  

change is a mess.  

The heart tells me

I am Light

I am Truth

Transition times are not supposed to be an easy ride.  

I am Light

I am Truth

Burning flames and structures falling, coming crushing at my feet. I stand in the rain of missing pieces and sharp spikes.  


I am Light. I am Light. I am Light.  



Copyright Sofia-Magdalena Chandrakaí