Lake Tahoe

"There is no need to know where you are going.
There is no need to know why you are going.
All that is needed to be known is that you are going joyously,
because if you are going joyously you cannot go wrong.
If you are going dancing, singing, celebrating,
the direction does not matter, the road does not matter, the goal does not matter.
Every moment becomes paradise."



Photo credit: Magie

The famous lake and beginning of summer.

View point and love.

All these wonderful views

I went and I go joyously and my moments are paradise. I dipped my toes in the freezing water and felt content in enjoying the beauty in togetherness.

We spent my birthday by and around the lake. Strange and funny things happened: we found ourselves travelling in time, being inside a movie with no title and feeling like disguised aliens.


Shopping for Bday cake

Found some lovely old cars

Memories like that are difficult to put words on. But they remain in our hearts.

Pura Vida


Devin & Magie

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