Where is home?


Everybody wanna tame the wild gypsies. Everybody think they really can


– Diane Patterson


At Copenhagen yoga festival 2013

As a traveller constantly living the gypsy life, I always get questions concerning my home.Where do you live? Where do you consider home? And the worst: how does it feeeeel to be home? (Every time I enter Sweden).

People also seem to be offended when I insinuate that Sweden isn’t “my home”.
(It’s obviously fun to be a bit provocative).

As I see it, there are two takes on this concept of home. On the one hand, people ask where my physical home is- i.e. my house. For some, the material building and a physical space equal home. When I notice their imbalance in the root chakra and sense that this is what they mean, I usually open my hands in a wage gesture, look towards the sky and airily answer: ooooh, you knooow….

On the other hand, there is a feeling to the concept of home. Where do I feel at home? This one is trickier. Truth is, home is where I am at the moment. Thus I answer:

The world is my home

I guess that if you haven’t experienced what I mean by this it could be pretty hard to understand. So, people get a bit offended or stressed by this answer as well.

Let me explain. We all carry our home within us. I am part of Mother Earth and she is part of me. She is my home and shelter. I am my home and shelter. I am home. Always. Hence, I don’t need a house to define my home and I can feel at home everywhere.



I wanted to share this with you as we go into a New Moon in Virgo tomorrow. The last few months, I’ve been feeling that autumn -13 will be an exciting one, which is precisely what the September New Moon is confirming! Set your intentions for hard work and you will be rewarded.

You will be finding me in the forests of Småland, brewing some esoteric potion while rain is knocking on the window. 
Just don’t expect me to settle.

At Mundekulla music festival 2013

One Love & Pura Vida


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