Food Haven in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

In 2013, I wrote an article about the best places to eat in Puerto Viejo- you can read it below. Already back then it was hard to choose which places to include on the list and nowadays it's even more difficult as more places are popping up! Puerto Viejo is indeed a Food Haven with its many delicacies in every street corner. The Farmers' Market has almost doubled in size and, nowadays, also includes local handicrafts, skin products, chocolate and everything from salsa picante to tofu. Last week I got the hands on the last bag of cooked pejibayes and kale- happy! My point is, I am now extending the food list with a new organic, vegan friendly café and the always magical ayurvedic pirate.

Como en Mi Casa Art Café

When I first got to Puerto Viejo I remember there was a beautiful woman with a loving smile that sold brownies on the beach. Later on I bought her delicious cakes and food as she sold them in the market. And so one day she wasn't there anymore and I wondered what had happened to the amazing food I used to snack on Saturdays. Last year Como en mi Casa opened and I found the woman and her magical food art again. Their menu is simple traditional breakfast, snack and lunch. Their creations are colourful, flavourful, arty, innovative and pure bliss in your mouth. Everything is organic and made from scratch and there is a wide range of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and raw options. The owners are Italian and not only know their food, but their coffee! 

In this place I eat delicious food, created for all senses and made with true love; my body feels strengthened and happy; and my heart is filled with warm joy after each food experience. Gratitude. 


Puerto Pirata Deli

Since the first day I ate the ayurvedic food made by pirates, it has been one of my favourite places where I keep coming back. Located in the town's oldest building, it is literally ON the beach and offers a true Pura Vida vibe. The magical woman who runs the place is an Ayurvedic nutritionist with Nigerian and Italian roots- which offers a flavourful, healthy and innovative food medicine menu. This, too, is a place for great coffee, breakfast and lunch, and is of course vegetarian, with vegan and gluten free options. The other day I asked for a "vegan surprise" as dessert and was served a vegan mango ice cream with a vegan carrot cake on top- yum! So much Love.

Brunch by Puerto Pirata Deli Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Brunch by Puerto Pirata Deli Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

When you are in the Caribbean you also have to try the Rice and Beans made with coconut. It differs greatly from the tico rice and beans and is (also) delicious! Any local place in town will serve Rice and Beans with patacones. Have you tried the various rice and beans dishes- which one is your favourite? Comment below!

Pura Vida



Top 3 Places to Eat in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

About a four hours bus ride south east of Costa Rica’s capital San José lays the relaxed reggae town and culinary paradise called Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. If you are a food-loving traveler this village is a must-visit! Puerto Viejo has an interesting mix of cultures including the Afro Caribbean heritage, expats from Europe and United States and of course Tico influences in its blend. To me, this cultural vibe is what defines the town and part of what makes it special. To be sure to truly experience the culture of Puerto Viejo I recommend eating your way around town. Below I have listed my top three places to eat and drink, enjoy!

1.    The Farmers’ market

The local farmers’ market is held Saturday mornings in the center of the small town. Head towards Casa de la Cultura and you’ll see it! This is the place to find the food you can’t get in the regular super market. Beside cheap organic fruits and vegetables, there is locally produced cheese (including feta!) and milk, chocolate and coconut oil to mention some goodies. Tasty and different kinds of cheese are in general hard to find in Costa Rica, since Ticos like their cheese simple and without flavor. This could be hard on a cheese loving European visitor but the solution is to visit the farmers’ markets.

Farmers' Market Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Farmers' Market Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Personally, I like to make my visits to the organic market in Puerto Viejo a half-day event. This friendly environment is where you mingle with people from all areas around Puerto, buy veggies for the week and maybe get a vegetarian empanada for lunch. There are vendors selling yummy and healthy cakes, juices and pies to please your appetite as you are walking around. In addition, you can buy environment friendly and handmade soap, clothes and more. One time I even found organic tahini! (edit: now standard)

2.    CariBean

I am sure you think you have had chocolate before. Maybe even good, dark, pure chocolate. Visit CariBean and no other chocolate will ever satisfy you again (you have been warned!). At OM Yoga café in Cocles you can buy healthy snacks, breakfast and lunch. Their selection of cakes is varied and baked buy different local cake magicians. But there is more. CariBean at Om Yoga is the place I visit when I need a boost of energy: a chocolate espresso. Yes, you heard me! Thick, dark, soft cacao in a shot gives you a refill with antioxidants and healthy energy. The owners practice sustainable ecological farming on their cacao farm, located behind the house, where they make the chocolate by hand. Be sure not to miss the chocolate tour where you learn about producing, try surprising flavours and enjoy Puerto Viejo’s best view.

Chocolate Tasting Tour, CariBean's Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Chocolate Tasting Tour, CariBean's Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

3.    Bread and Chocolate

This breakfast and lunch place is probably the most famous restaurant in Puerto Viejo. Before I had ever even been on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, my friends living on the other side of the country told me I had to visit Bread and Chocolate. They were right of course. Craving French coffee instead of that brewed stuff? This is the place to go. Choose from a bunch of creative and chocolaty cakes with innovative names to go with that. Or my personal favorite: veggie sandwich. They bake their own bread that is rich in flavor, not sweet and to some extent whole grained. There is a bunch of sandwiches to choose among and they are all served with fruit, green salad or potatoes. Since Bread and Chocolate is mentioned in Lonely Planet, it tends to crowd up quickly during high season so keep that in mind when you are planning your visit.

Work Weekend in San José

Every time I visit the capital of Costa Rica I have a list of things I need to get done and buy and people to visit. It is busy, but I like it! This last time, I went to buy yarn for Made By Magie’s famous Yoga Socks and material for the MBM jewelry. Thanks to having done some research on where to shop for these rather specific things during my first year in Costa I crossed of the list fairly fast and had time to visit a friend in Ciudad Colon for a cooking gathering Friday night! In addition to bulk up with even more stuff to carry around (hrm), I was gonna try selling some products at the organic market Feria Verde where my friend sells his raw food. This is the place where you find vegan ice cream, raw food, the coming week's veggies, handicrafts, incense, and organic and local everything. In addition, it is a good hang out with amazing people and a tranquil oasis in down town San Jose.

Vegan CocoChoco ice cream YUM! At Feria Verde de Aranjuéz, San José Costa Rica

Vegan CocoChoco ice cream YUM! At Feria Verde de Aranjuéz, San José Costa Rica

From 7 am to 1 pm Saturday I was eating yumminess, catching up with friends, meeting new ones, selling some tinctures and buying a great deal of good-to-have things.

As I’ve mentioned before, Saturday is when people in San Jose hang out in the parks all day, doing all kinds of fun stuff together. Needless to say, we went straight from the market to chill in Parque Morazan where we listened to bongo drums and watched some kind of silent operetta.

Barrio Escalante, Feria Verde

Barrio Escalante, Feria Verde

Hula-hoops is the new thing here, are they popular in Sweden and other places too?

Parque Morazán, San José Costa Rica. Enamorate de tu ciudad.

How Lonely Planet can claim this city to be grey, dirty and boring is to me a great mystery. Backpackers are happy to sign their statement and on their website LP has a list over the world’s worst cities, where San José comes as number 10. Why? 

By singing, dancing and playing music together, your heart frequencies become the same and, thus, you are spreading good vibrations to the world where they bounce on to other people, sharing the love. Too me, that's the opposite of grey and boring!

What is your least favorite city?

Lake Tahoe

"There is no need to know where you are going.
There is no need to know why you are going.
All that is needed to be known is that you are going joyously,
because if you are going joyously you cannot go wrong.
If you are going dancing, singing, celebrating,
the direction does not matter, the road does not matter, the goal does not matter.
Every moment becomes paradise."



Photo credit: Magie

The famous lake and beginning of summer.

View point and love.

All these wonderful views

I went and I go joyously and my moments are paradise. I dipped my toes in the freezing water and felt content in enjoying the beauty in togetherness.

We spent my birthday by and around the lake. Strange and funny things happened: we found ourselves travelling in time, being inside a movie with no title and feeling like disguised aliens.


Shopping for Bday cake

Found some lovely old cars

Memories like that are difficult to put words on. But they remain in our hearts.

Pura Vida


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Let the journey unfold before me

The only thing that has interrupted my studying lately is Mother Nature.


Sloth in the garden

Chocolate shot at Caribean

Toucans playing in the garden

Puerto Viejo town beach

And the ocean

Pura Vida


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As I was jumping between rocks, holes and mud pools with my bike this morning, on my way from Yoga, a beautiful long Green Vine Snake...

Highlights of 2014

Change is here again

Yesterday, Mariella got on her flight to Sweden. She stepped through the door of her apartment just a few hours ago. From door to door the trip is more than 24 hours. It is an exhausting journey, with a lot of flight changes and running to gates. It’s amazing though, that we have the possibility to travel across the world like that. Still, sometimes it makes me sad that parts of my heart belong here in Latin America, which is so far away from my family.

Four months ago, I was prepared to live alone in the Caribbean jungle: a big change from studying and having had friends around me most of the time the year before. Now, my work wouldn’t include many colleagues and thus I expected to have to make somewhat of an effort to find new hangouts and friends. But so, in January my lovely, lovingly, inspiring and all-through awesome sister decided to stay and live with me in Puerto Viejo.

Chocolate tasting

Latin America is in many ways more home to me than Sweden is, but it is difficult to have your loved ones far away across the Atlantic Ocean. Having Mariella here has felt like I have them all a little closer.

Turns out neither of us had to work very hard to make friends, even though (seemingly) we didn’t have a particular forum to interact within. All you have to do is smile and talk. And both of us have always been good at that: talk. However, I still claim it is easier here than in a culture like Sweden where you have to “warm-up” people to get to know them.

With Luis in San Jose

Potluck in PV

Anyway, she gives me energy just by being around and I miss her already! When I go to Sweden I’ll be super annoying and overstay my welcome on her couch. But it’s ok, because she knows that I’ll feed her.

Te amo hermanita

Right now, I am having coffee at my friend’s house in San Jose, trying to get some work done. Apparently, Obama is coming for a visit today. Roads are closed all over the capital. He is probably just popping by, but the public sector is taking the opportunity to have a day off. I’m rambling because my thoughts are a mess (and I’ve had too much coffee). I’m trying to figure out what to do the coming weeks.

Do you have any suggestions? :)

Pura Vida!