December and Expansion of the Heart

November in Scorpio was challenging. Past issues knocking, wanted to come up to the surface and to be dealt with. Today, New Moon is in Sagittarius and I’m sure most of us felt the release of pressure already yesterday. Even the weather gave us a new light: a breath of spring. December and Sagittarius is about peace and joy. Open your heart even more to invite the softness and smiles we so longed for in November! Sing with me, the mantra of love:

Aham Prema

I am Divine Love


Sing it to yourself in the morning and feel the softness in your chest and the expansion of your heart and, thus, the fourth chakra.

For many cultures, December is about traditions and holidays. This year, I’m trying to figure out what Swedes do. I love people-watching and what better time than Xmas time, when people cheerfully walk around the Xmas market and sing songs in church and on the streets! So this last weekend (first of advent weekend) I attended both church and various Xmas markets around town. 

I am not to comment the patriarchal concept these traditions derive from (religion) but quietly reflect on the old paradigm. Only 4 % of the Swedish population go to church for religious (Christian) reasons anyway. Let us expand our hearts to be open for the songs, smiles, warmth and the love that we are. Listen to the Sagittarius New Moon asking us to question our perceptions of reality and find out what is true to us. What is true for you?

Take a moment and think about that while you watch this powerful video and song. Thanks to Ola for the sharing!

One Love and Pura Vida

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