Nomadic Yogi: Ant Medicine

During this year’s Moon Dance, I came to encounter and work with (amongst a lot of things!) Ant Medicine. Ants always work together; they construct and create with a very focused eye- or a clear Drishti as you would say in yogi. The importance of collaboration and cooperation cannot be stressed enough in these high-speed energy times we are in right now. Old ways are shifting and collapsing around us; embrace Change and create loving community where we all work towards a Higher Consciousness.

Look at the Ants! One of the sweatlodges at the dance happened to be located on an Ants Highway, which weren’t popular by all…. The firekeepers were trying their best to get them to leave, but the ants stubbornly stayed- simply climbing over us. In the end, people just gave in to the harmony of Nature and let them be and no one got bitten; we all worked together in the lodge.

It's always powerful to have the lodge blessed by animals. Last year we had a scorpion in there!

Ants want to tell you to work with diligence and partner-up to create your dreams. Remember that no matter how small you or your task is, the contribution is still crucial to create the whole! We are all part of the whole-


When on the beach the other day, I watched these little ants grabbing a piece of bread crumble and pushing it towards their home. In the video, they are trying to figure out how to get it into the hole. Their hard work, determination, will power and cooperation amazed me and I had to share it with you! Sorry for bad quality, all I had was my phone, hope you still get the idea :)