Food Medicine By Magie

With my cooking, I want to communicate how easy and delicious it is to eat healthy and environment friendly food. The foodbymagie recipes are easy to follow and include a short note about health benefits from the dish itself and/or its ingredients. Ayurvedic explanations, facts about spices and herbs or comments about various super foods are examples of notes you will find together with each recipe. My life coaching sessions, cooking and recipes aim at educate about how to live naturally healthy and how to use food as medicine in order to do so. My advice and recipes are meant to show the simplicity of living healthy even if you don’t have a specific cooking interest. It is all about daring to take that step towards change.

Vegan strawberry mousse to cool a warm summer day

Vegan strawberry mousse to cool a warm summer day

The Category Recept offers plenty of free recipes (more in English to come soon!) and if you visit my webshop you will be able to download recipes to your device in exchange of a small donation. The recipes include pictures and Food Medicinal information, check them out here.

It is my wish that my recipes are an inspiration for you to create your own kitchen art. I present you only the examples of what and how to cook. Simple, fast and healthy. 

In my kitchen you will always find Fennel (seeds or veggie), Carrot, Rice & Grains, Fresh and dried herbs, Legumes, Seeds & Nuts, Coconut & Olive Oil

This is a good foundation for any recipe. I always use organic and GMO-free food, which sometimes requires me to be flexible with ingredients. 

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With Love,

Magdalena Chandrakaí