Highlights of 2013

According to the linear time made up by humans, the year of 2013 is coming to an end. As many do around this time of year, I am going to sum up some of the amazing experiences I’ve had during 2013. It has been a tumultuous year in many ways and my within-journeys deriving from my travels around the world have been great and profound. My intentions for 2014 are to continue deeper into my spiritual journey, wherever in the world it may take me.

Ok, so let’s sum up some extra good times!


1.    San José in February and March: This is festival time in Costa Rica and its capital. The classic Latin American Carnaval is being centered around Puntarenas, whereas the capital holds festivals like Transitarte. I especially enjoy these kinds of events, with street art and free concerts around Down Town San José and its city parks. The streets are buzzing with happy people and the bars are full even at daytime! Of course, February is also the month when the Moon Dance is held but that topic requires its own post. Some day I might tell you about it.

2.    Puerto Viejo January to May: The tiny village Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is the place in Costa Rica I call “home”. Sure, we have had our differences: humidity, unwanted animals in the house and cold- to mention a few. But it is impossible not to love this place. I get to wake up, in the jungle, to the sound of howler monkeys and have breakfast with hummingbirds and to do yoga while resting my eyes on the ocean waves rolling in to shore. Puerto Viejo is also the place to visit for a culinary experience and I’m sure you know that I love food! Organic, fresh from the garden, hand made chocolate, you name it Puerto got it!

I also had my sister staying with me for 4 whole months in this paradise, which is a true blessing! 

3.    The United States in May and June: I know some of you will smile reading this- having said I never wanted to go to the states. Of course, the reason it ends up on this list is the exact same reason I went there in the first place: visiting one of the most important persons in my life. What really made this trip special was to get to travel with my partner and him introducing me to his life in this culture that is so far away and yet so close to “my own” (what ever that is). Who would have known I’d go camping with a bunch of motorbikes in the Nevadan desert for instance? I love that life takes me to unexpected places.

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco 

4.    Sweden in July: I went from north to south this year basically. I have never before been to Österlen in the south east of Sweden and its spectacular nature and breath taking sceneries stuck to my heart. Summer is when Sweden shines in all her glory. Such a beautiful country! Sometimes I find Sweden and Costa Rica very much alike. For instance, the fact that nature varies greatly from place to place within both the two (small) countries.

One of the finest memories from the Österlen trip is when mom and me went to Kivik and ate for hours at the raw food restaurant. (Again: food!)

Norrland (Photo Credit: Ola Danielsson)

Norrland, Sweden (Photo Credit: Ola Danielsson)

Yes, it's a rain deer

Ale Stenar at Österlen

5.    Festivals in August: For August there is no better place to be than Småland. Heaps of stuff is going on all over: festivals, markets, harvest parties and what not. This year, I packed a car and went to a music festival in the forest. Mundekulla is about song, dance and love, created by and through the people attending. It will always warm my heart to think about it and I hope I get the chance to return every year.

My partner in crime (at least when it comes to yoga) and I grabbed our mats and jumped on a train bounded for Copenhagen a weekend in late August. The Copenhagen Yoga Festival is an outdoor event where you can try a variety of yoga styles, listen to lectures, snack yummy raw food, meet people from all over the world and even go into the ocean if you want to! It was a great weekend with, maybe, the last hot sun rays of summer. 

Las Salvajes

So, there you have it: my Highlights of 2013 -list! Now, I’m curious about what you enjoyed most this year. Tell me all about it in the comments below :)


Happy New Years and Pura Vida

Finding Fire in the Cold

The third chakra is about doing. The yellow. The Fire. Do you want your dreams to come true? Then you need the fire in your belly to glow.

As it gets colder and darker outside here in the Northern hemisphere, I find it harder to maintain a strong fire within. Makes sense really; rain is putting the fire out. The Vata weather is trying to break down the sunny heat, but we want to keep balance.

So, at the same time as we want to cuddle up inside and maybe do some traveling within, we need to make sure that the fire won’t go out- or it’ll be way too cold.

Some firey memories from this summer's yoga festival

As always, my yoga mat is my answer. On my mat I travel within and on my mat I find my fire. To clarify: the easiest way to get more fire is through the body. Do something physical. Personally, I enjoy (and many times find it easier) rolling out my mat together with others- sharing and spreading light through the darkness. Or, like this memory from a Swedish festival I attended this summer:

If you want more inspiration about doing check out my latest rebelle article!

This is a good time to get to that doing. On Sunday, November 3rd, we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse talking about renewal, rebirth and be your authentic self. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, do you want a change, or maybe just more fire? Now is the time.

How did you guys do with creativity? Are you experiencing that autumn months make you loose motivation and willpower? Contribute in the comments below :)

Love and light & Pura Vida


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Travel the worlds, within and without

My journeys without led and lead me deeper within. As I began to travel deeper within, I saw and started to understand Change even more...

Highlights of 2014

Where is home?


Everybody wanna tame the wild gypsies. Everybody think they really can


– Diane Patterson


At Copenhagen yoga festival 2013

As a traveller constantly living the gypsy life, I always get questions concerning my home.Where do you live? Where do you consider home? And the worst: how does it feeeeel to be home? (Every time I enter Sweden).

People also seem to be offended when I insinuate that Sweden isn’t “my home”.
(It’s obviously fun to be a bit provocative).

As I see it, there are two takes on this concept of home. On the one hand, people ask where my physical home is- i.e. my house. For some, the material building and a physical space equal home. When I notice their imbalance in the root chakra and sense that this is what they mean, I usually open my hands in a wage gesture, look towards the sky and airily answer: ooooh, you knooow….

On the other hand, there is a feeling to the concept of home. Where do I feel at home? This one is trickier. Truth is, home is where I am at the moment. Thus I answer:

The world is my home

I guess that if you haven’t experienced what I mean by this it could be pretty hard to understand. So, people get a bit offended or stressed by this answer as well.

Let me explain. We all carry our home within us. I am part of Mother Earth and she is part of me. She is my home and shelter. I am my home and shelter. I am home. Always. Hence, I don’t need a house to define my home and I can feel at home everywhere.



I wanted to share this with you as we go into a New Moon in Virgo tomorrow. The last few months, I’ve been feeling that autumn -13 will be an exciting one, which is precisely what the September New Moon is confirming! Set your intentions for hard work and you will be rewarded.

You will be finding me in the forests of Småland, brewing some esoteric potion while rain is knocking on the window. 
Just don’t expect me to settle.

At Mundekulla music festival 2013

One Love & Pura Vida


Best Of Sweden

Stories from the North
Travel the worlds, within and without

My journeys without led and lead me deeper within. As I began to travel deeper within, I saw and started to understand Change even more...

Highlights of 2014

Köpenhamn och överallt

För att verkligen minnas Sverige och Skandinavien från andra sidan atlanten avslutade jag stort. För vad är mer känsla än Köpenhamn och vem visar hur vackert svenska språket kan vara om inte Jason?

Många ölglada människor samlades framför scenen på Tivoli och vi var givetvis i täten. Trots folksamlingen var det inte armbågstrångt utan både dansglädjen och den svala sommarvärmen fick plats. Som pricken över i kunde man ana en svag doft av cannabis bre ut sig i publiken.

Timbuktu är ett sant energiknippe som dansade, sjöng, hoppade och spred kärlek i mer än en och en halv timme. Inte annat än att man avundas hans kondition! För att inte tala om den musikaliska talangen. Jason och bandet är väl samspelta, improviserar och har roligt på scen. Att ha ett stort band som Damn! till att spela Timbuktus låtar är ett genialiskt drag. Lyriken talar för sig själv men att fylla ut budskapen med inslag av soul och latinska rytmer gör att man förstår allt på nytt.

Timbuktu är inte bara en stor artist, men en människa med stort hjärta vilket genomsyrar allt han tar sig för. En tjej längst fram vid staketet verkade må dåligt och Jason avbröt låten för att se att vakterna tog hand om henne och önskade henne välmående. Det hela tog endast några sekunder och exakt samtidigt tar både sångare och band upp där de bröt, startar på samma etta och fortsätter showen.

Tivoli lös upp augustikvällen med sina neonlampor och efter att ha blivit inropad på scen igen kom låten vi väntat på. Flickan och kråkan.

Inte bara Jason levererade denna kväll utan även vädret och Köpenhamn. Natten avslutades på latinobaren Luna och vad kan vara bättre uppladdning för Latinamerika än så?

Jag kanske blir en bättre man i ett annat land




Magie & Lizette

Magie & Lizette