Time for a new era

As you can see to the right --> 

I’ve changed, added and removed Categories for my blog. For years, I’ve kept myself limited to write about what I think others put into the word “Travels”, i.e. trying to maintain some kind of travel blog sharing info about different countries. Travels and Journeying to me mean so many things and for the past year or so I’ve included more and more actual journeying stories:  

Travels within and without

I do love writing about these passions of mine: traveling the physical as well as other worlds and dimensions. However, I still felt caged.

There are guidelines for “how to write and maintain a blog”, in terms of getting many readers and thus, eventually, be able to make money from it. Such as keep a clear niche, write How To’s, write about products etc…Again, an attempt from patriarchal structure to cage creativity and it is easy to loose yourself, your purpose of sharing and the motivation to continue.

The only true way is to write from the heart. Speak always from your heart and people will listen.

I am so much more than these travel stories and journeys you’ve been able to find here on this blog. I love a lot of things- I don’t fit in to ONE niche.

I refuse to be caged, limited or change my heart to fit into your boxes of definitions.

Time has come to speak fully from the heart; to share what needs to be shared and voice what needs to be voiced. I see categories as guidelines – a frame to create your painting – and my Categories are stated throughout this website. There will be stories about journeying the worlds, about healthy living, food medicine, ancient wisdoms, woman wisdom, healing arts, yoga and more. There will be stories shared from and about others and there will be deep personal reflections.  

I invite you to partake the journey

In this new era, I see a need of sharing in Swedish. Many Swedes seem intimidated by English but more importantly, there is a lack of and a big gap in the vocabulary around women wisdom, healing arts, awakening and the work of the heart. I am called to reclaim that vocabulary. Having said this, occasionally I will post articles in English on this site, however, please follow me on Rebelle Society for complete posts regarding these same themes.

I wish you joy and abundance in your journey onwards, wherever you may choice to travel. 

Much love,


Magdalena Etzalitzin