Still the mind - a journey of nature’s wisdom (poetry)

As I write this, I sit by the sacred fire on our land. The sky cleared up after a heavy rain, the breeze moves the ash trees and birds are slowly singing their post-rain songs. I am deeply grateful for this sacred space and for the fire that holds my meditation. It is time to burn and process. Integrate wisdoms. 

Some time ago, I did something I’ve said for years that I would never do. I went to plant ceremony in Sweden. The reasons for not doing ceremonies in Sweden are, to me, many. As for all over the world these days, it is hard to find true guides and shamans who share the medicine. For me, it also has to do with sacred space. The jungle holds space and feels safe to me, after all, the medicine derives from the deep jungles. 

On a medicinal plant tour in the jungles, Cost Rica. Copyright Service By Magie.

On a medicinal plant tour in the jungles, Cost Rica. Copyright Service By Magie.

And, it wasn’t what I was used too at all. Of course not. 

I didn’t sign up to go on a concert, but it was. I wanted peace and quiet, to go into my own rest and journey. But I was disturbed. It was a little stressful, like the space holders wanted people to get up and dance all too fast. 

All journeys have their wisdoms though. I am still working with this one, and I know I will for some time more. I am integrating and progressing the feelings and perspectives that came up, and I do so through my writing. 

At the beginning of this year, 2019, I set my intention to give myself more writing. As we are in the half-year-transit, I am now fully diving into it. I am coming home again to my first meditative practice and source for channeling; storytelling in all forms. I know the medicine gave me the embodiment I needed to move forward. I am always in deep gratitude and awe of the shamanic practices that connect me so profoundly with myself again. With the ultimate guru- my heart’s wisdom. 

I wish to share with you a poem that has derived from this journey. You find it below. I wrap it in prayers of understanding, whatever that means to you on your journey right now. 

Yoga By Magie, Puerto Viejo Costa Rica. Copyrighted.

Yoga By Magie, Puerto Viejo Costa Rica. Copyrighted.

Still the mind

I shall not let the mind disturb me

in my rest.

When mind has been moving, 

it needs to be still

While the body moves.

Integrate deeper

into stillness.

The mind mustn’t disturb me, 

there is a time for everything.

All things are moving. 

Moving body - Moving mind.

Rest body - Rest mind. 

Find the balance. 

I feel stronger now. 

- Magdalena Etzalitzin Chandrakaí