Who should wake you up?

I can activate You. 

Yes, I can. 

I can activate you forcefully. Or I can activate you with love.

I choose not to do so.

I choose to not wake you up.

Source pexel

Source pexel

Many years ago, I read a quote saying:

“Once you’re awake, you have no interest in waking those who sleep.”

This quote stayed with me and for years I was so annoyed by it. “I’m awake! Of course I want others to be awake too! So that we can love and play and sing together.”, my mind said. I know now, it was Ego talking. 

Not until recently, this changed completely for me and I could truly understand what the quote was saying to me. When I had Orion, its teachings became embodied in me and my consciousness. As a mother, you don’t wish to disturb your child. A mother doesn’t want to wake her sleeping baby. Our Great Mother doesn’t force us to anything, she simply holds the space for us to be who we came to be, to explore and grow in our own pace, and to integrate the teachings we receive in our own unique way. 

Who am I to wake someone up and say: “You must dance to my song!” ?

source pexel

source pexel

No, I am the one who must dance to my own song. 

The world needs my voice, my dance and my songs. Simply because I enjoy it, I grow from it and my creative happiness will spread out into the world- like waves of high love frequencies. And do trust that these waves will hit many on its way. Do trust that many will integrate that experience in their own way on their unique journey. 

It is a great responsibility to carry Light

Over and over again in the spiritual communities I encounter the wounded masculine way of shaking people awake. And when they are awake, the guides are not there anymore to guide them. The new people stand vulnerable, naive, and happy as newborns with no one to mother them in this new world. It is a mean, forceful and disrespectful way to barge in on someone’s most intimate space in ways that, for instance, the kundalini yoga does. Or, sadly many so called teachers of plant medicine all over the globe. In fact, it is like a spiritual rape. (Yes, I said it.)

To all of you light workers, healers or what ever it is you wish to title yourself: I humbly ask you to ask yourself whether it’s your ego who guides you, or the true calling of the heart. Are you sharing your art for those who wish to see it or are you telling them they must like it?


It is a great responsibility to carry and share Light. We as light workers have responsibility in how we share our light and in how we communicate what it is about. I am aware that many people choose to come to those who say they will activate you- they choose consciously, unconsciously or it may be part of their karmic choice. Those are the ones who usually look for someone to tell them what to do, someone to look up to, and sure they will find that in a person who guides from the Ego. And they most likely need each other, for a while. Nevertheless, I do want to argue that these kinds of guides should be honest with all of us in their communicating what it is they are doing; forcing you awake to follow them/their teachings/their art. 

So, what is it that guides you? Or your teachers? Are you simply sharing your art for the world to enjoy?

The masculine and feminine way of teaching

In many circumstances it is not easy to determine what’s what. Or to keep a balance between the masculine and the feminine way of teaching. Because we do need both. It’s the imbalanced ways we don’t need. In both ends. And indeed, it takes deep practice to be able to discriminate when one is needed more than the other. 

Sometimes, I get frustrated that people won’t seem to listen or take responsibility of their own path or to study more. Yes, it is true! But those are my issues that I need to meditate on. I need to let my “students”/clients be and integrate what I share in their own way. Some will stay and some will leave. Some will feel my vibrations and truths resonating with them. Others not. It’s ok.

It’s OK.

We all have our journeys. 

I know what journey I am on, how I work and how I wish to share my light. It is the way of the Great Goddess; the feminine way, the shamanic path. That is the path of holding space for those who come to my ceremonies, healing and journeys. I simply hold the space for them to explore themselves. When they are ready they will move on, some will come back, others not. Some will wake up, others not. I hold the space for you to make your own choices and to be your own guide. It is the space of a mother’s warm arms and loving touch. You are welcome here. 

source pexel

source pexel

Your rest will transform you

I pray for us all to sleep for as long as we need to. And afterwards have a good rest in the bed before getting up. I apply this metaphor in my yoga classes as well as in the ceremonies I share. Enjoy your rest. It will transform you. It will make you stronger. Just as a baby will grow up strong and independent when they get to stay close to their mother all the way until s/he herself wants to move further apart (like 2-3 years).

I often reflect on and say that the postnatal care doesn’t exist in modern maternity care, nor in society in large AND sadly it’s also lacking in most of the spiritual community. After you wake up, after you are re-birthed, after you walk through the veil of transformation You shouldn’t be alone. I hold your hand while you journey, I sit beside you as you wake up, and I am here when you need me as you take your first steps into the world. 

You are not alone. 

Your mother cares for you.

Supports you.

Because that is what mothers do. But until you are ready to go your own path, connecting with Mother Earth as you walk, there should be earthly guides here for you. That is what we light workers signed up for. Especially in this time. We are here to hold space for the people who are waking up, because they need loving arms to go to. 

It is not our job to shake people awake. That is patriarchal behaviour. And there is already too much of it in our world today. Trust that people ARE waking to the higher consciousness, it happens everyday.

Photo cred: Natalie Johansson, copyright Service By Magie

Photo cred: Natalie Johansson, copyright Service By Magie

So, if you are interested in going deeper into the feminine teachings and sacred shamanic path, I invite you to explore ceremony with me.

I will be here, holding space for the ones who choose to come to me. 

Thank you Great Spirit for my beautiful mission on this earth.


Magdalena Etzalitzin