Festival summer: Journeying Öland

If you travel east and cross a 6072 meters long bridge, you’ll reach the Swedish island Öland (literary translates as Island-land). The island is one of Sweden’s prides and promises some extraordinary nature experiences. Travel towards its southern end and you’ll go through the flat, dry looking and bird-rich landscape called Alvaret, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Travel North on the other hand, and you’ll find the eco-park and nature reserve Böda with its fairy forest and long white beaches.

Sama Yoga

Sama Yoga

Every year in the beginning of June, yogis, healers, and light workers alike gather for a two weeks long festival at this very eco-park in the north of Öland. Days are filled with cleansing ceremonies such as sweat lodges, grounding yoga classes, transformative dance, song and breath journeys, morning greetings to Father Sun on the beach at 4 am and much more. For me these weeks are the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of Swedish summer. Böda always offers strong sunshine and a clear blue sky, with cool nights in the tent- the nature itself grounds me and at the same time refill my solar energy. In addition, amazing teachers and guides from all over Sweden and the world come to share their wisdom through workshops, journeys and music. And in between the activities going on, magic happens: the Space of Love is unfolding and expands as our hearts connect to ourselves, to Mother Earth and to each other. Healing happens. Love happens. Happiness and Life’s High happen.


And in this magical space, I got the privilege to share from my heart a Yoga Roots and a Yin and Drum session. We danced and we shared and we listened to the beat of the drum, the heart of our Earth Mother. And we found each other again. We found our way back to our tribe and the homes in our hearts.

Not a single eye was dry as we swirled away in the nightly sky.

Thank You, Thank You.

(We’ll meet on the dance floor of the next tribal gathering – summer is filled with festivals)