Moon Yoga: Yoga for menstrual cramps

Moon Yoga to relieve menstrual cramps and tension in the pelvic area

Here I share with you some easy and natural ways to relieve menstrual cramps and tensions in the pelvis. These poses are some of my favourites when it comes to relaxing the body and mind, and to connect with the Goddess within. It is my deepest desire to be able to shine some light on your path towards self-healing and getting to know your inner Goddess. Find more Sacred Feminine Wisdom and watch Womb Yoga videos here! For personal guidance towards a healthy cycle, contact me to make an appointment  

Supta Baddha Konasana / Reclined Bound Angle Pose / Reclined Butterfly

One of my favourite ways to relax body and mind. This pose can be done before or during the period. It relieves cramps and heaviness in the uterus, opens the heart area and calms the nervous system. 

Lay down on your back (or lean back on a bolster/pillow) and pull the the feet up for the soles to meet and let the knees fall out to the sides in a diamond shaped figure. If the legs or knees are strained, make a bigger diamond by moving the feet away from the body. Let the knees rest on cushions or blankets and place your arms alongside your body. Close your eyes and relax in the pose. Go within as you let the breath flow thru your body as you breath deeply and focus on your set intentions for the pose, such as relaxing the pelvis. Stay in the pose 3-7 minutes. To come out, carefully stretch out the legs before coming to seated. 

Upavistha Konasana II / Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend / Dragonfly

This pose aids the blood circulate in the pelvis, regulates menstrual flow, and calms anxiety and irritability. Do it before your period. I personally use this pose as soon as my pelvis or sacrum feel a little tense and it releases the blockages every time!

Sit with both sitting bones softly rooted in the mat and spread the legs out as wide as comfortable. Inhale and lengthen the spine. Exhale as you gently lean forward towards the floor, relaxing the neck and rounding the back. Respect it when your body says "stop" and stay there, relaxing the forehead/upper body onto a pillow/bolster or similar. Let the arms rest on the floor beside you, close your eyes and go within. Let the breath flow freely thru the body and focus on your set intentions for the pose. Stay for 2-7 minutes before slowly walking your way back up and out of the pose.

Janu Sirsasana / Head to Knee Forward Bend / Half Butterfly

A cooling pose that tones the reproductive organs and the supporting muscles. Beneficial for cramps, PMS, irritability and anxiety and one of my favourite ways to gently open the hips! Do this pose before or during your period, unless you bleed heavily, have diarrhoea or feel sick.

Sit on both sitting bones, bend your right leg to the side and place the sole of your right foot towards the inner left thigh, letting the right knee rest on the mat. If you feel tension in the knee, place the foot further down on the leg and let the knee rest on a cushion or blanket. Inhale and lengthen the spine, and as you exhale slowly lean forward over the left leg, rounding the back and relaxing the neck. Rest your forehead on a pillow for comfort and your hands on the floor. Relax in the pose, keep your eyes closed and go within. Let the breath flow freely thru the body and focus on your set intention, such as relaxing and calming the pelvis and reproductive organs. Stay in the pose 2-4 minutes before gently releasing and change sides. 

Love and Light, 

Magdalena Chandrakaí

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